• About the SSA
    The Selective Soldering Academy (SSA) provides comprehensive,
    real-world selective soldering instruction and training

About SSA

In contrast to even just a few short years ago, Selective Soldering has now become a fundamental part of the circuit board assembly process and a key process to remaining competitive. It is now likely that you will find more assembly facilities that have a Selective Soldering process than those you find without it.


Selective Soldering as we know it today has actually been around for a couple decades. For those who have used Selective Soldering for a number of years have realized that the key to being successful with it is having a well trained staff. As personnel turnover continues knowledge can be lost and can begin to impact a company’s Selective Soldering performance or capability. Even if a company has newly acquired a Selective Soldering process they quickly understand the importance of a well trained staff. The increasing complexity, density and thermal demands of today’s circuit boards—along with introduction of Lead Free soldering—pose immediate challenges to the Selective Soldering process and those responsible for it.


We recognize these trends and understand the growing need for Selective Soldering training. Each of us here at the SSA have a couple decades of Selective Soldering experience—experience both as users and as providers of Selective Soldering equipment. We are committed to providing a solid foundation of understanding specifically for the Selective Soldering process and to elevating your Selective Soldering proficiency for getting new products up-and-running more quickly, to keep them running and ultimately to maximize the financial impact of your Selective Soldering process.